Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Life Around Our House Lately

Adoniah is a happy baby!

It's so fun to make him smile and hear him coo!

It's really fun when he giggles!

Fascinated by the hanging toys on his little chair.

Isaac decided to help swing his baby brother while playing on his computer.

He was very proud to show me his helpful idea!

Reading to Adoniah...

Isaac is a very caring big brother!

Adoniah seems to be enjoying the story...

So precious!

That look...melt my heart!

The adorable JoJo Bear

A beautiful fall morning.

Our new set of wheels, thanks to the incredible generosity of a church member here!  This is "my" van, while Nathan continues to drive our GMC Safari.

The sunlight was so beautiful the way it hit the trees that morning.

Helping Mommy make chocolate zucchini muffins. Yum!

Love this boy!

Our little butterball.

A tree in our backyard starting to turn color...


Next up: a pictorial tour of our property!

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