Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New House Tour, Part 2

Welcome to the interior of our new home!

We'll start the tour as though you had just walked in through our front door...

This is now fondly known as the music room.

We ended up leaving our piano behind in Taos for various reasons, so when my father-in-law needed a place to temporarily store his baby grand, we were more than happy to provide a location! :) Eventually, when he is ready for his piano back, we will buy our own to put in that corner (though it probably won't be a baby grand!).  In the meanwhile, we are greatly enjoying the beautiful music created by this gorgeous instrument.  With the high ceilings in this room, the acoustics are amazing!

A look toward the front door.

On the other side of the fire place is our dining room.

I love the view out into he backyard from the table!  The boys and I especially enjoy watching the birds and squirrels that come to visit.

In the next room over is our living room.
Here are some "before" shots that were taken before we painted and unpacked:

(photo credit: Korey Holliday)

The dark red just had to go!
(photo credit: Korey Holliday)

And so did that wallpaper!
(photo credit: Korey Holliday)

Here are the "after" pictures:

Now the walls are a light sage green!  We love the cozy atmosphere. :)

Usually, the floor here is strewn with toys, as this is the boys' preferred place to play.

(One day soon, hopefully, something different will grace our mantel...something bigger and more suited to the space.  For now, though, that's all I have!)

All the built-in bookshelves here have come in very handy!

This hallway right off the living room leads to the garage.  It houses our washer and dryer as well as additional storage space.

And now for the kitchen:

This is the only "before" picture I have that kind of shows the mustard yellow color which used to grace the walls.

Instead, we chose to paint the walls white, and then, my friend, Rachel, added the incredibly beautiful touch of painted birds all around the top of the kitchen.

Rachel did such a great job!

Here is what the kitchen looks like now!

One day in the future, we'd like to update the cabinets to a lighter wood color/finish, but we have yet to figure out the simplest, most economic way to do so.  For now, these dark brown cabinets will just have to stay!

Stay tuned!  Up next is a tour of the bedroom "wing" of the house!

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