Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New House Tour, Part 3

The hallway off the music room leading to the "bedroom wing".  (I love this little arched doorway - it adds such personality to the house!)

Bedroom #1 - The Boys' Room
(Lots of room to grow!)

Bedroom #2 - The "Master Bedroom" 
(It's identical in size and shape to the boys' room; the only differences are the placement of the closets and windows.  We love having so much space!)

How's that for a lovely view?!

At the end of the hallway is our one full bathroom.

In the future, we hope to remodel this bathroom, but for now, it functions just fine for our needs.

This was bedroom #3 (i.e. the guest room), before we transformed it.
(photo credit: Korey Holliday)

Here's what it looks like now from the same general angle.

Quite a different look, isn't it?
We were thrilled to rip up the carpet and find these beautiful floors underneath, the same as in the rest of the house!

The guest bedroom boasts the only walk-in closet in the house and also has an attached half bath.  Nathan is thinking about installing a bathtub and/or shower to make it into a full bathroom by utilizing some of the closet space...but we shall see what happens.

I would really like to re-do the decor in this bathroom, too, but until the bathtub installation happens, it will stay yellow and black.

This is a small hallway in between the main hallway of bedrooms and the half bath.  It offers storage space and more bookshelves.

And that completes the tour of the interior...for now!

We also have an unfinished basement we would like to put an additional bedroom and bathroom in way down the road.

There's lots to dream about with this house and enough projects to keep us busy for years to come!  

Most importantly, we are deeply grateful to the Lord for His provision of this house and property so well suited to our growing family.  We are blessed to live out in the country surrounded by rolling green hills, farms, forests, and a significant Amish community.  It's really fun to hear the clip-clop of horses and buggies traveling down the road by our house on a regular basis.  It adds so much to the serene setting of life in the country!

In closing, I'll leave you with some updated pictures of the trees outside and the gorgeous colors we've been enjoying!

Happy fall from Ohio!

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