Sunday, September 4, 2016

Family Beach Vacation, part 1

We recently returned from our first family vacation to the beach!  It was a delightful combination of rest and relaxation as well as lots of fun activities.  Our hotel was located right on the ocean, which made it very convenient to enjoy the sand and surf each day.  Additional activities we enjoyed (not all of which will be pictured) included a family bike ride down the boardwalk on a bike surrey, a dolphin sighting boat ride, a trip to the local aquarium, miniature golf, and swimming in the hotel pool.  On the way home, we stopped in at Jamestown, Virginia, which was also fun to see.  I took a bunch of pictures during our trip, which I am breaking up into two blog posts.  Here is part one:

A little unsure of the sand at first, Adoniah was glad to be on the sheet we brought.

While he soon warmed up to the sand and loved playing in it, he remained terrified of the waves the whole time we were there.

Our little water bug.

Morning sun over the ocean.

My three big boys. :)

Handsome Daddy

Isaac liked playing chase with the waves.

Building in the sand.

Ahhh....this is the life!

Beach play ground.

Cool little dude.

The dolphin tour - a real highlight!

We saw lots and lots of Atlantic bottle nose dolphins!

My favorite animal!

For the kid who was nervous to go on his first boat ride, this little boy had a blast!

Snuggles with Dad.

The boat's rocking lulled Adoniah to sleep almost immediately, and he slept the whole time!

This was a blessing, since we went on the tour right during his usual morning nap time. :)

Doing some explaining...

Sailor Boy.

Excited to see the dock!

Playing at another, larger beach play ground.

Every afternoon, we all took naps and/or rested for several hours, which was so nice!

Meanwhile, back in the sand...

Adoniah couldn't get enough!

Looking for shells.

In which Josiah learns to body surf, after watching Mommy have so much fun doing it!

Time for ice cream!


To be continued...

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