Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Family Beach Vacation, part 2

Sunrise over the Atlantic.

Stopping for a picture with the fish statues during our family bike ride.

These fish were a hit with my children!

Checking out the seals at the aquarium.

Our first stop after seeing the seals outside and buying tickets to get in was this very cool children's play place.  Even though we were at an aquarium, the museum had set up a gigantic room full of hands-on learning opportunities and displays about the woods.  I think the idea behind it was to teach about conserving our environment, not starting forest fires, etc., but my kids just thoroughly enjoyed all the neat things there were to play with!

Isaac's favorite spot was the fishing boat, by far. 

He's taking after his daddy with his early love for fishing, even if just for pretend. :)

Adoniah really liked this station with golf balls.

And of course, Josiah, our animal lover, found the rabbits fascinating.

Practicing his "nastics", as he called it. :)

After a good long while of play and discovery, we finally managed to pull our children away with the promise to stop by the play room once more before leaving...and we were off to see the actual aquarium exhibits of the aquarium. :)  The turtles were a hit!

The komodo dragon.

Scuba divers in the fish tank giving it a cleaning.

Petting sting rays.

The giant sea turtles were amazing to see!

The jelly fish fascinated Isaac.  I was very glad to only encounter them in this enclosed glass display and not in the ocean. :)

The shark tank.

Rather fierce looking!

Petting horseshoe crabs.

River otters.

Checking out the otters with his new gift-shop binoculars.

Meanwhile, back at the play place, we had three very happy children like this one!

Time for a swim in the hotel pool!

Fun family times!

So that part about our vacation pictures taking up two blog posts is actually not true.  I took more than I realized!  There will still need to be a "Part 3" to cover our trip to Jamestown on the way home. :)  Stay tuned!

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