Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Family Beach Vacation, part 3 (Jamestown)

I can now say that I have seen all the sites which make up the "Historic Triangle" of Virginia (Williamsburg, Yorktown, and Jamestown). :)  Jamestown was the last of the three to check off the list, and proved to be a most enjoyable stopping point on our journey home from the beach.  There was much more to study than we had time for on this visit, especially with three little ones tagging along, but what we did observe and learn about was very interesting!

After zipping quickly through a few indoor exhibits to get refreshed on the history of the Jamestown Settlement of 1607 and beyond, we headed outdoors for the living museum features that we figured would interest our children a bit more.

The first outdoor exhibit was the Indian Village.

A typical Indian home of the Powathan tribe.  Their simplicity was striking as was their creative and resourceful use of items in nature to provide comfortable living accommodations.

Isaac was extremely timid in the Indian Village and too scared most of the time to even go into the homes to look around.  I guess the different look of everything was a bit much for him!

The next exhibit was the English fort a short walk down the trail..  Here is the interior of one of the homes that the men of the Settlement shared.

Everything was built using re-created period materials, such as nails forged in their own blacksmith shop.

The governor's bed.

Buildings within the fort.

The church.

The storehouse.

My personal brigade. :)

At last we reached Isaac's favorite part of the learning experience: the ships!  He had no reservations here and couldn't get enough of exploring the three ship replicas that brought the colonists across the ocean. :)

I'm amazed at how so many people traveled across the Atlantic on such relatively small vessels.

I didn't have the chance to ask the interpreter on board what this mechanism was used for, but Isaac declared it to be an "up and down thing" that he thought was great fun to pump!

The ships were a definite highlight for this little boy, and were the main thing he talked about for the next few hours after we left Jamestown. :)

I hope we can return to this Historical Triangle area when the boys are old enough to appreciate the rich history to be found here.  It's bound to make for a great field trip in a decade or so! :)

We thoroughly enjoyed our time away on vacation, and the chance it gave us for rest and refreshment.  Spending time together as "just us" was so nice.  It was also fun to do special activities that we don't usually get the opportunity to experience.  We are very thankful for those who gave us a generous "love offering" several months ago that was designated for use on this trip which made most of these excursions possible.  And we are especially thankful to God for the beauties of creation He has made to be enjoyed, for the gift of family, and for provisions He always gives so abundantly.

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