Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall Family Fun

A couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed a beautiful fall afternoon at the Noble Family Farms where my children had an absolute blast!

JoJo heading down a slide...

...right into a pile of corn!

Adoniah doesn't get too many chances to swing, so he wasn't very sure about this part!

Off to the next activity!

A construction site that was my boys' version of paradise!

Isaac and the chainsaw.

A giant Jenga game for Mom and Dad!

Working hard at the construction site!

On the race track...

When did he get so big?

Daddy helps the short-legged one.

In the mini-corn maze!

We had to find 6 pumpkins hiding in the corn.  Isaac thought this was really fun!

Here's number 3!

The last pumpkin discovered! (Although it looked more like an onion.)

"Mommy, take my picture!"

The corn pit was a big hit!

Like a giant sensory box!

Heading up the hay mountain.

Enjoying the view at the top!

The little drummer boy.

Another fun climbing structure.

Where's Isaac?

Josiah made it to the top!

Each child got to pick one final activity to do again before we left.  Isaac picked the construction site. Josiah picked the slides.  (Not pictured were some giant slides going down hay piles that were a hit with JoJo!)

Time for the pumpkin patch!

We had such a fun time here, and will definitely be back next year!

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