Friday, October 21, 2016

Of Preschool Memories and Wall Murals

Last month, Isaac took a real interest in learning about the planets, astronauts, rockets, and all things space.  One morning, we expanded one of our AYOPS art activities beyond just a window hanging of the earth into a creation of the entire solar system.  We used coffee filters, liquid water colors, and plastic pipettes for a fun and messy art project!  Our planets were not to scale, but we did try to make them the same colors as a book from the library showed us.

Saturn, by JoJo. 
(Minus the rings.)

The special flare!


Our planets drying outside.

And here they are on display.

Isaac showing you the book we referenced for this project.

Scenes like this make me smile.

I love that my kids love books!

Writing and drawing in paint.

Practicing letters.

A cursive "a".

Dress-up time!

My silly boy. :)

He cracks me up!

Two silly boys!

Sorting marbles by color.

Playing "library."

Isaac repairing a bird house he found in our shed with nails he found in Daddy's cabinet.

Uh-oh...a mischief-maker on the loose!

Somebody enjoyed the dirt today!

Make that two somebodies!

I do believe the bath tub is calling his name...

The following pictures show what our friend, Rachel Horvath, and I worked on recently at church during a visit she made at the church's request; a project I like to call:
Operation: Paint the Children's Wing

The left side of the hallway shows what the "before" color and style of the hallway was, minus the flowered wallpaper border that had already been taken down from the top of the walls.
To get things started, Rachel (our visiting artist for the week) picked out this happy light blue color seen on the right-hand side to serve as the base coat for the various murals to be painted on top.  It immediately brightened up the hallway and made it look so child-friendly!

This is the first mural Rachel painted.  That bulletin board has to stay where you see it in order to accommodate legal paperwork required by the state for the daycare that our church houses, so we tried to come up with a design that would incorporate the bulletin board.

A Fruit of the Spirit tree seemed just the thing!

I love how she made it wrap around this corner.

And sunflowers add a cheerful pop of color!

Here, Rachel is painting detail work on a picture of Jesus and the children, the second mural she tackled.  

We both learned and grew great a lot through this project.  Rachel had never painted people on a wall, and I had never painted letters.  As it turned out, I ended up doing all the lettering for all three walls we worked on, and she did an amazing job with the people (and all the other incredible detail work)!

I was really happy with how this Books of the Bible wall turned out considering how nervous I was to attempt it in the beginning.  For the girl who's never been able to draw or cut a straight line in her life, I thought there was no way I could paint 66 (plus!) words up there without making them crooked, but brick walls have a way of helping keep things straight. :)  I prayed over this wall as I worked, and God made it turn out all right!

The Old Testament
I promise you can read those words written in yellow much better in person.  For some reason, the lighting of the picture makes them look difficult to read here.

The New Testament

And here is the picture of Jesus and the children all complete!  I ended up helping Rachel toward the end so we could get the mural finished before her flight out the next day (hello 2:00 a.m. finish times!), and she proved to be a great teacher!  Painting alongside of her in this project gave me a renewed appreciation for painters.  I thought it would be like filling in a coloring book - only with paint - but was I ever wrong!  There's so much more that goes into the whole process from brush type to brush stroke, to amount of paint, and texture,  She amazes me.

Doesn't it look good?

Three walls down...a whole bunch more to go!
(Rachel, come back!!)

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