Monday, December 19, 2016

Celebrations in Arkansas

Last month, we took an airplane trip to Arkansas to rendezvous with my side of the family for Thanksgiving and my grandmother's 90th birthday.  (We also celebrated my mom's birthday while we were at it!)  It was great to re-connect with family whom I haven't seen in several years!  

The boys thought the airplane trip was a blast!

Cookies for a snack?  Yes please!
(Because Mom never lets them eat sweets like this for snacks!)

Getting chauffeured around by Granddaddy.  
This little boy LOVES his green blankie!

He sucks his fingers and rubs his blankie on his nose to soothe himself or go to sleep.

Enjoying appetizer snacks before the Thanksgiving meal.

The basketball court was a popular spot both days of celebrating after the big meals had been enjoyed.

My mom and Aunt Nora sporting their matching outfits as they hurried around preparing the birthday meal.

Stopping for a picture with Grandmommy and Granddaddy!

Tables set for a fiesta!

Here comes the birthday girl!

We made quite a racket welcoming her to her party. :)

My grandparents; affectionately known as Mema and Papa.

The whole clan, minus my sister and her family over in Ukraine.  This is the first time in several years we have all been together!  It was fun to catch up with these special people!

My mom with her three sisters.

Isaac and Josiah prepared a Bible memory passage and song to share with Mema for her birthday.

A skit that preceded one of Mema's gifts.

Everyone was encouraged to give Mema a gift that tied in to a "word of wisdom" she has shared over her lifetime with us.  The gift our family gave was a painting showing the same tree in four different seasons with the phrase, "Every season has its beauty," in the middle.  This is a saying my grandmother has often shared with me that I have thought about time and again throughout the changing seasons of my life.

Each member of our little family contributed fingerprint leaves to the trees or snowman to make the gift more personal.

Meanwhile, out in the hallway, my children were having a blast playing with their second cousins!


Here is Papa (whose name is Bernard Wesley) with his two great-grandson name-sakes: Adoniah Wesley and Wesley Roman.

He finally got to meet them!

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