Friday, December 23, 2016

Holiday Happenings, Part 2

Making magic milk for school was a simple and fun activity!

Simply squirt some food coloring drops into a plate of milk and touch them with a Q-tip dipped in dish soap.

And presto!  The colors swirl together in a really cool way!  The boys asked to do this over and over.

Our "Countdown to Christmas" chain and calendar has been a great way to practice counting and number recognition.  Plus, it's built excitement in the boys for the big day!

Friday night at the movies.

We enjoyed a fun Christmas party with other young families from our church!  The gingerbread-building competition was a hit!

Team Bell

Team Britton (all Nathan's creation!)

Team Northup

Team Groves #1

Teams Groves #2 and Team Puckett

Three prizes were at stake for Most Impressive, Most Creative, and Most Festive houses.

After a break to play another game and eat dessert, the decorating of the houses commenced!

The final products!  I thought everyone did a great job!

This is the one all my boys worked on that graces our kitchen table.

The next big event on the calendar was the children's Christmas program at church.  I was so grateful for a group of ladies who met with me to bake cookies and popcorn balls to serve as refreshments after the program!

Sticky hands!

Popcorn balls.

Baking up a storm!

Caught at work!

Decorating in earnest.

(photo courtesy of Tasha Groves)

The Christmas program went so well!  We started rehearsals at the beginning of October, so it feels like we've been working on this event for a long time.  All the children did a great job learning their parts and the songs.  I was so proud of them!

(photo courtesy of Lia B.)
The angel choir.

Meanwhile, back at home, this kiddo makes me laugh!

This past week, we baked teddy bear breads to deliver to some of our neighbors.  This is a tradition my family started when I was a teenager at Christmas time that I wanted to pass on to my children.

Cute and pudgy!

I'd say this one could use a little Plexus Slim! ;)

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