Thursday, December 22, 2016

Holiday Happenings, Part 1

Decorating for Christmas is always fun!

This is what it's like decorating with three small boys! :)

A cranberry counting game for school.

The game doubled as a snack as well. :)

Out for a night on the town with good friends from church.  Two sweet couples took us to dinner and to the symphony!

Hearing live Christmas music by a full orchestra is always a joy!  And the theater where they performed was so quaint.

This is where we sat, but we weren't allowed to take pictures during the concert.

Say hello to my new friend, the Norwex dusting mitt!  I've been invited to several Norwex "parties" on Facebook, but was never able to attend until recently.  I was also much more interested in these products lately as a result of learning that chemicals contribute to bad gut health.  While I don't clean with many in my house, I do have a few, so I thought it would at least be worthwhile to learn how Norwex tools and just water could get my house clean.  You guys!!  This skeptic has been turned into a believer!  This dusting mitt gave my house the BEST dusting it's ever had with NO furniture polish spray reeking of chemicals and leaving residue on the furniture.  It took me far less time than normal to dust, and was actually FUN (something I've NEVER said about dusting before)! I will definitely be saving my pennies to purchase more Norwex products in the future!

Making bird feeders in conjunction with our character theme of "kindness" for the month, as we talked about being kind to the birds by providing food for them in the winter.

Mr. Cutie-Pants

Isaac was very excited to finish his first math book this month!

Adding logos to his logo book at his request right after breakfast!

Practicing our stringing skills to benefit the birds once again.

Enjoying a sunny winter day outside.

They were so happy to go outside and play!!

Such a smiley guy!

He loves this little car!

Isaac's big boy bike.

Sassy, the chicken.

We enjoyed a recent visit from Nathan's parents and sister following a Britton family Christmas concert at our church.  They stayed on to help Nathan build bunk beds.  While the men and Elizabeth did the constructing, the littles had some snuggle time with Grandma.

Quad bunk beds are underway!

Isaac was the helper all day long!

By the end of the day, the outside framing was taking shape and one of the beds had bottom slats.  It's come even further since then as Nathan has worked in every spare minute of his time to keep building.  I'll post updated pictures soon!

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