Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Happenings, Part 2

The fun continued this month with stick painting!  Since it's not the season for flowers, we painted sticks various bright colors and made an arrangement of them in a vase.  

It's been a lovely decoration for our kitchen table throughout the month. Not the same as flowers, for sure, but I'm all about bright colors on these gray days! :)

Isaac was very proud and excited to show me his Duplo train one afternoon!

Oh look!  A rare day of sunshine!  We all enjoyed the chance to play outside after lunch!

Isaac spent his time building with scrap pieces of wood.

My first attempt at making kale chips was a hit with my youngest!  I tried to capture his delight on camera, but just when I did, he reached for the bread...of course.  :)

Look!  They're almost gone!  The fact that this child is eating anything green is worth documenting with a photo. :)

One of the most popular activities we've done this month is "scooter-board" ABC activities.  The boys have to scoot across the floor on their bellies on a rolling board to complete the various assignments.  Here, they were putting together an alphabet puzzle one piece at a time.  It's been a great gross motor skill to utilize all that energy they have (Isaac especially) while teaching academics too. :)

We've also done this activity with our phonogram cards which has worked well.

Some video demo...

JoJo's turn!

Isaac making a tortilla snowflake, painting it with butter, and sprinkling on cinnamon and sucanat sugar.  Adoniah looks pretty excited!

Puff painting with shaving cream, glue, and glitter.  The idea was to make snowman, but they quickly switched to completely original paintings of unrecognizable objects. :)

Next came finger painting with it...

And then body painting!  It was a mess...but so much fun!  These paintings dried with really cool puffy textures all over the papers.

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