Monday, February 20, 2017

Our Little Gymnast

Recently, Isaac and I discovered a "Preschool Open Gym" time at our local gymnastics facility.  We've gone twice now, and he LOVES it!  He gets to run around the whole gym and play on all the equipment for a solid hour.  It's been a huge blessing as an energy outlet for him during these gray, winter days.  Here are some photos I took the last time we went!

This little monkey loves to climb!

And swing!

The running trampoline is a big hit!

His balance is really quite good.  He has yet to fall off the beam!

Jumping into the pit is so fun!

The giant trampoline is his all time favorite!

Stopping to build a tower.

And then kick it over!

"Hmmm....what should I do next?"

Climbing  up the wall backward!

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