Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June in Pictures

Lately, Isaac has enjoyed making elaborate “buildings" with a whole variety of toys. Here, he is proudly showing me one of his creations.

Each toy has a function as part of the building, and he loves to describe them to me!

Making letters with feathers.

Worm art.

In which we used cooked spaghetti noodles as our “worms” dipped in paint and dragged across paper for an interesting art experience.

After nearly 2 years of living in this house, we finally found artwork for our bare living room walls!  I have been waiting for the *right* pieces to come along (at the right prices, of course!), and now, thanks to the P. Graham Dunn outlet store in Amish Country, our walls are no longer empty!

Praying for this verse to be understood and applied by those living in and visiting our home!

I LOVE it!!!

Ta-Da! The finished living room! 
(At least until we get around to white-washing our fireplace...maybe.)

Summer is here!  That means lots of evenings spent in the hammock with Daddy. :)

Our dapper lil’ dude!

Cherry season has arrived!

We enjoyed picking cherries at a friend’s house and then turning them into this yummy, good-for-you cobbler!


At first, Isaac wasn’t too impressed with the tart-sweet flavor combo...but he soon decided he liked the cobbler and ate up every last crumb!

So this happened.  I guess when you’re about to turn 32, you decide it’s time for a drastic appearance change.  I was going for cooler, lighter, and out of baby’s reach. :)

Hey! What’s up?

Uh....I’m not in trouble, am I?

Playing doctor with his new doctor kit earned from the library reading program.  Josiah is the sick patient. Isaac even brought his pretend kitchen in so he could make Josiah food!

Look what my sweet husband gave me for my birthday (and every birthday for the next 25 years)!
After four months of no piano in the house, I am thrilled and thankful to have one once again...and this is not just any piano; it’s a 1916 Steinway and Son’s baby grand piano!!!!

Hot days call for water table fun!

Because I’m cute.

Don’t you think?

That’s all for now folks!  June has been a lot of fun!

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