Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Month of May in Pictures

Didn’t you always want to paint a picture using feathers? :)

Little artists hard at work.

Si-Guy says “Hi!"

Well...looks like somebody got into Mommy’s makeup!

Using sunflower seeds to practice counting.

And snacking while we’re at it!

Isaac transformed himself into a marching soldier.

Helmet? Check.  Trumpet? Check.  Gun? Check.

Josiah loves his baby brother!

Sometimes a little too much! ;)

Nathan and I celebrated our 5th anniversary by spending a few relaxing days in Ohio’s Amish Country.  During that time, our children had fun with Grandma and Grandpa!

The giant swing.

Grandpa gives a push!

Swinging together.

Meanwhile, over in Amish country, we did a lot of eating.  :)
Here, Nathan is majorly enjoying a Buckeye Sundae complete with homemade custard from Walnut Creek’s main store. (I’m so glad I traveled with Plexus Block for special treats like these!)

A visit to one of the cheese factories allowed us to sample 70 kinds of cheese and about 8 or 9 kinds of fudge.  Nathan was in food heaven!

A view of Amish Country from one of the restaurant parking lots.

We also did a lot fishing at our private little cottage.

Guess who caught the biggest fish?!

The picture doesn’t do it justice, but Nathan thinks this large mouth bass was at least 19 inches long - definitely the biggest I’ve ever caught in my life!

My muscle man. It’s always so fun to go on anniversary trips with this guy!

Back at home, I was super excited to get my new workout program in the mail! (Happy early birthday to me!)  I am LOVING it!

I was also super excited to get my Plexus Action Pack complete with the NEW, enhanced formula of Plexus Slim (that now includes impressive prebiotics) and fun samples to share with others!

Silas continues to be a happy, content baby!

2 months old! He celebrated by sleeping through the night - hurray!

God’s blessings are unsurpassed!

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