Thursday, June 29, 2017

Josiah is 3!

Josiah, Josiah.  Such a loaded personality in a small little guy!  Since the time he was born, I’ve thought of JoJo as my tempestuous one; sometimes very sunny while other moments, a bit of a thunder cloud.  He is brave and daring when it comes to adventures and trying new things, yet shy and somber when it comes to interacting with people he does not know well.  He is sweet and charming one moment, stubborn and defiant the next.  Josiah loves to do whatever his big brother is doing, and the two of them are inseparable.  At the same time, Josiah also enjoys playing with Adoniah, so long as Addy doesn’t take his toys or knock his towers down.  And Jo absolutely adores his baby brother, Silas, whom he refers to as “berry, berry wittle” in the most tender voice while kissing his head and hugging him over and over and over.

JoJo is our snuggle bug, our affectionate one, and definitely needs lots of physical touch to keep his love tank full.  When he is having a hard day, snuggling together on the couch while reading books is the best remedy!  

This past year, Josiah has learned to talk really well, to be completely potty-trained (and loves to wear big-boy “under-wear-wer”), participated in lots of fun preschool activities with Isaac (sensory activities being among his favorites), learned to identify almost all of his ABCs and many of their phonetic sounds, started his own math book much to his delight (toward the end of the school year), learned to count to 13, learned to spell his name, and memorized a host of Bible verses with very little effort (he’s such a sponge!).  In addition to reading books, his favorite activity continues to be helping Mommy cook or bake in the kitchen.  He also loves to ride his tricycle indoors or outdoors.  Lessons we are still working on include using his words to communicate instead of screams and fussy sounds, obeying his authorities, and sticking with a task until it is complete.  

We are deeply thankful for our special little second-born with the long eyelashes and button nose!  His smile melts our hearts while his strong will keeps us on our toes.  He loves to sing and read about Jesus, and it is our prayer that one day, he will put his faith in Jesus as his Savior and then go forth and serve Him with his life!

Here is my annual birthday picture-round-up of this last year of Josiah’s life!

Enjoying cake on his 2nd birthday.

That face!

And that face too! (This is his excited look!)

This is his sweet, charming look.
“Who me?  I wouldn’t dare to get in trouble for anything now, would I...?

Big boy “under-wear-wer” in action!

Having fun with Isaac!

Josiah is our water boy and absolutely LOVED the beach!

Ever so stylish.

At the aquarium with Daddy.

Josiah had no hesitation about touching the sting rays.  His courage paved the way for Isaac to finally be willing to touch one too.  While Isaac definitely is the leader in the relationship, he often counts on Josiah to try new things first, since Josiah is much more daring and far less cautious. 

First official day of preschool!

He was excited about the pretend hot air balloon ride!

Playing with play dough.

JoJo loves to dress up!

Painting a masterpiece.

Making designs in paint.

Sorting colors.

Always so brave!

Loves to be independent, doing his “thing."

Raking in the fall.

First time to get his face painted as Mommy was practicing for a church event!

Pounding pumpkins.

First airplane ride he could remember!

The boy and his tricycle.

Hanging out with Grandma.

Snow fun!

Two little bears and their den.

We have a very versatile coffee table. :)

Scooter board school.

He rarely hesitates to get messy!

Science experiments with Grandmommy!

Making rainbows.

More dress-up!

Meeting Silas for the first time.

A regular mischief-maker! (This time, it was Mommy’s makeup.)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Josiah Daniel!  We love you!

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