Thursday, July 6, 2017

Clear Skin is Rooted in Gut Health!

I wish I had known back during my teens and twenties when I struggled with pimples that it was an issue rooted in the gut! Instead, I tried lots of different things to treat only my skin. Everything from essential oils to colloidal silver to various cleansers. The only thing that ever worked to keep the problem somewhat under control was ProActive...but it never took it away, and now I shudder to think of the harsh chemicals I was putting on my face for all those years! What a wonderful thing it would have been to have had these fabulous Plexus gut health products to target the root issue instead!
This is Jennifer Maier's story:
"1 year ago I started my health journey. I was skeptical. After all, I tried everything, I would spend up to $500 a month on my face. I would get the microdermabrasion laser and chemical peel done to my face. Plus, I would buy acne products that would cost $100 a month. The dermatologist were in shock that nothing was working. It would help control it but it would not go away.
Knowing I had a hormonal problem I was so tired of spending so much money on my face and started seeing my friend post about gut health. Out of desperation I started taking the products she recommended. I wanted to quit the first 2 weeks of taking the product. I did not like the way it was making me feel. I realized I had a dirty gut and it was cleaning me out. It did take 3 months to notice my blemishes started going away.
I realized that the product had been working in other areas too. I did not take it for weight loss. I look at pictures from last year and notice I lost inches, it’s also helped me sleep throughout the night. It feels so good when people come up to me and tell me how beautiful my skin looks. You have to be consistent with the product. What will your journey be like? These are two pictures of me before and after being on the products!"

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