Thursday, January 4, 2018

December Fun, Part 1

We had a fun and full December preparing for and celebrating Jesus’ birthday! Here is part one of the holiday picture round-up!

Silas really took a liking to this fuzzy haired nutcracker that came out of the ornament box!

Time to decorate the tree!

This year, the ornaments functioned like a box of new toys for the boys to play with. Every day, I would find them with at least one or two ornaments, giving them rides on their toy cars and trucks or making up imaginary stories for them. It was amusing to watch! Then, they would hang the ornaments back on the tree and find a new one to play with.

It was also amusing to see how “bottom-heavy” our tree decorations looked this year, thanks to all the decorating help from our little ones! :)

Ornaments clusters. Once upon a time, that would have bothered my “perfectionistic tendencies”. But motherhood has a way of changing things. This year, I just let it ride and enjoyed the child-like touches. :)

All decorated for Christmas!

After we decorated our tree, we enjoyed popcorn and {healthy} hot chocolate!

In school, we worked on painting the letters of Jesus’ name for a banner decoration in our dining room. Q-tips and dot letters worked wonderfully!

The finished product!

Peppermint play dough cookies are so much fun to make!

Painting walnut ornaments for their teachers at church.

Our friend, Korey gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy in early November. We all enjoyed a visit from her and Alistair in December! It was the boys’ first time to meet their new little friend.

They loved taking turns holding the new baby!

Adoniah wanted to share his teddy bear with Alistair!

So sweet!

Making cinnamon dough ornaments is also becoming a yearly tradition! Similarly to play dough, this allows all the fun of rolling out a yummy smelling dough and cutting out cookie shapes without the sugar hangover. :)

We also continued on the tradition of making teddy bear breads for our neighbors! This year, we tried using our favorite roll recipe and decorating with candies instead of dough balls. It worked great!

They all turned out so cute!

Even the ones with malformed ears. :)

Merry Christmas, neighbors!

Josiah, the yellow man!

Making winter slime was also fun! We finally perfected our recipe!

Next up: Christmas Day

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