Saturday, January 6, 2018

December Fun, Part 2

Christmas Day at our house!
Not pictured: our morning birthday party for Jesus complete with whole wheat cinnamon rolls and eggs, stocking gifts that the boys bought for each other with their own money at the dollar store, and morning chores. :)

Josiah eagerly rips into a package from Grandmommy and Granddaddy!

Yay for a new puzzle! We worked together on it yesterday and I learned that rhyming words are an area he needs lots more practice with! Haha!

Adoniah’s turn for a gift from his Texas grandparents.

A big van that ALL the boys have LOVED playing with!

A new book for Josiah about one of his favorite topics!

A Thomas floor puzzle for Isaac!

Everyone checks out the van.

More puzzles!

Those eyes.

Silas does not want to miss out on the action!

"Look at me stand up! I’m a big boy!"

A super soft new blanket for our bed - thanks, Mom and Dad!! 

Since my gift for Nathan was delayed in the shipping process, I made him a pecan pie cheesecake to tide him over. :)

It turned out super delish! I used sucanant sugar and Gentle Sweet (instead of brown sugar) and maple syrup (instead of corn syrup) a little bit “healthier” than the original recipe. 

The boys were very excited with the new quilts and sheets for their beds! The quilts were a joint gift from their Ohio grandparents and us. The sheets were purchased with money from great-grandparents. 

They moved so fast opening these presents that it was hard to get a clear picture! :)


After a year of mismatching bedspreads, these look so nice!

And it’s so nice to finally have sheets that fit their beds! 
(We were just getting by with queen sized sheets for their XL twin mattresses, but the fit was quite “off”.)
The pattern up close. You never know exactly what you’re going to end up with color-wise from an internet purchase, so I was very pleased with how these looked in person. I was going for something that would fit a little boys’ room, but still be something they could use when they are older too, something that matched the decor, and something that was not too thin. This one turned out great!

After our traditional lunch of enchiladas and naps all around, we enjoyed making graham cracker gingerbread houses with our friends, Matthew and Hannah Hock. Each adult got paired up with a child to build and decorate a house.

Nathan’s partner (Adoniah) only lasted a short while!

The makings of a church.

My two-story house going up.

Pastor Matt and Jo hard at work!

Josiah was mostly a consultant until it came time for the candy decorations!

Hannah helped Isaac build this cute little bungalow complete with a chimney!

The church is looking good!

A great use for candy - decorating instead of eating! ;)

The finished products!

Mine and Silas’. 
(He helped by gnawing on a pretzel in his high chair and giving me cute smiles along the way!)

Somebody stole two of my windows! Gasp!

Matthew’s and Josiah’s creation. Constructed by Matthew, decorated by Jo.

Nathan’s and Adoniah’s church.

Complete with a stain glass window!

Hannah’s and Isaac’s candy wonderland supreme!

All the children enjoyed putting every different kind of candy we had on there! 
(Most were leftover from last year’s gingerbread creations!)

I think we’ll have to make this a Christmas Day tradition. It was a fun way to end the big day!

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