Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Out Sick

Despite all my good intentions to not get sick this semester, a big bad flu bug bit me. I have been out of commission for two days now, hardly able to move from my bed. A rattling cough, stuffy nose, headache, and body aches are the symptoms. Thankfully, my fever is gone from yesterday, so that's a little improvement.

In the midst of such tidings, the blessing to share is that God is good always. We just so happen to not have classes this week since it is Founder's Week and classes have been suspended to give way to conference sessions. This means that even with all my time in bed, I am not missing any pertinent material or racking up absences!

Also, I have been blessed with several very faithful friends who are tending to my needs in Mom's absence (since you know the person you really want when you're sick is Mom!). They are bringing me meals, refilling my water bottle, running errands on my behalf, and so much more!

I am hoping that I will be well enough tomorrow to tackle some of the many projects on my "To-Do-During-Founder's-Week-While-We-Have-Time-Off" list, but it may be that God has something different to accomplish this week in my long, quiet days with Him. :-)


Anonymous said...

Being sick is no fun! :( Praying that you will heal up quick!
Love you,
Hannah Loo

Sarah said...

Get well soon Katrina!!

Bridges family said...

Get better soon Katrina! No fun to be sick. :(