Tuesday, May 1, 2012

There Shall Be Showers of Blessing - Part Three!

 Recently, I had the immense privilege of being the guest of honor at a bridal shower given by my former co-workers and fellow volunteers from Care Net Pregnancy Center.  

 It was a beautiful affair, hosted by a newlywed herself!

 From the flowers to the food to the sweet, sweet fellowship and outpouring of generosity, every detail was such a blessing!


 Special prayer time in the kitchen.


 Catching up with old friends whom you haven't seen in a long time is so fun!

 One of my gifts from the day was a scrapbook filled with Godly wisdom about marriage that each lady contributed.

 The Williams Family - Dear Friends!

Wonderful women who have greatly enriched my life.

 And the presents begin!

 (Not really sure what I was explaining in this picture...)

 More lovely ladies.

 More fun facial expressions caught on camera!

 A most personal gift that I treasure!

Sweet memories. 

Thank you, Care Net friends, for hosting such a delightful time of blessing!


Susannah! said...

How thoughtful!

Lindsay said...

Each of the showers has had a unique touch! {And Katelin's in town for this one!}

The 19th's tiptoeing ever closer... :)