Thursday, May 10, 2012

The List Keeps Growing!

483. Three more bridal showers and all the fun fellowship and generous provisions that went with them

484.  Mrs. Powell's help for Mom and encouragement for me

485.  The blessing of figuring out a hairstyle that works well for the wedding

486.  The gift of jewelry from Niki

487.  Many special moments spent with Nathan, growing more and more in love with him

488.  Baby laughter

489.  Kind emails and cards from relatives far away

490.  Hot water with which to shower everyday

491.  A wedding dress that now fits perfectly, thanks to a great alteration job!

492.  Answered prayer regarding a very personal matter

493.  Nathan's listening ears, comforting arms, and words of encouragement and affirmation

494.  Being able to borrow friends' cars during some busy days

495.  A fun day at the beach with the family and Nathan

496.  God's abundant provisions

497.  Nathan being done with school for the semester!

498.  The support and prayers of so many dear friends and family

499.  The incredible gift of being loved so fully and unconditionally by this man God has given me

500.  Excitement for the future!

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Sarah said...

Oh I can't wait to see your wedding dress!