Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Peek Into Our Honeymoon, Part 1

After our wedding, Nathan and I spent the first two nights at the luxurious Omni Hotel, a gift from some very generous friends!  It was a beautiful place with delicious food!

Sweet memories!

Then, it was off to Virginia we went!

"Berkshire on the Bay"

Our private honeymoon resort.

That would be the beautiful river right outside those doors. :)

Our personal pool - heated and all!

The dock where we spent many happy hours fishing, reading the Bible, and star-gazing. :)

A swing for two!

A swing for one!

The tennis courts.

The surrounding area.

Lovely place for a stroll!

Virginia corn fields.

Doesn't this just beg the name, "Lover's Lane"?

The lovers themselves.  


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Thank you for sharing your joy with us. May the Lord bless you and keep you in the years of married life to come.
Mrs. C

Sarah said...

I recognize the house you and Nathan stayed in from a post on "Daughter's of Vision" where you and Kelly and Tara did a Maiden's Quest!
It looks so pretty there!
Thank you for posting all of these pictures, I love your blog!

Susannah! said...

Oh that place looks Beautiful!!!