Monday, June 11, 2012

A Peek Into Our Honeymoon, Part 2

During our week in Virginia, we spent a LOT of time fishing!

It's one of my husband's favorite activities to do!

Nearly every morning and evening found us on the dock playing catch and release!
(Sometimes, we were there in the afternoons too! Is it any wonder this man got so tan?)

 Reelin' them in...

The main fish we caught were croakers.  They made a strange purring sound...thus the name!

 Even I caught a number of fish!

It was a fun activity to do together, and Nathan was a great teacher!

Lovin' the sunshine!

 We also enjoyed a walk along the country lanes surrounding our river-front resort. :)

 The Bride

The super handsome groom!

The happy Brittons!

We also enjoyed a day trip to Yorktown, about 15 minutes away.  There we toured a museum about the revolutionary war and saw some recreated encampments like what the Colonial soldiers lived in.

Nathan and the canon.

Katrina trying to do laundry like the colonists.

An example of a cabin from that era.  So glad we don't have to sleep in a bed this size! :)

We also enjoyed seeing the beautiful little historic part of Yorktown in the riverwalk area.

Are you tired of kissing pictures yet? :)

Stay tuned for more next time in which I will post pictures of our time in Gloucester and trip to a theme park!

Meanwhile, I'm off to summer camp this week with the youth at our church and my amazing husband!


Logan said...

Looks like y'all hit the fun spots!

Sarah said...

It looks SO pretty there!
I can't wait for the next post!