Monday, June 4, 2012

An Update from the Brittons!

Dear World,

It is simply wonderful to be married to my best friend and the love of my life, Nathan Britton!  I thank the Lord everyday for bringing this amazing man into my life and allowing me the privilege of belonging to him as his wife.  Words just don't do justice to the sweetness of married life!

Our wedding was a very special occasion, full of beauty and wonder and awe. God answered so many prayers to make it happen, and we are truly grateful! It was one of the most exciting and memorable days of my life! 

We had a delightful honeymoon in Virginia where we stayed in a private cottage on a river.  Our time there included fishing, swimming, kayaking, playing tennis, taking walks, touring Yorktown, visiting a theme park, cooking, and just relaxing together.  The Lord blessed us with beautiful weather and many fun memories!  Pictures will be posted soon! :)

This past week has been full to the brim as I have been settling into my new role of homemaker.  There were suitcases and boxes to be unpacked, bookshelves to organize, furniture to shop for, meals to cook, an apartment to clean, and a husband to love on (my favorite part!).  I still have a few more boxes to go through, but as organization takes place and new furniture arrives, our apartment is starting to look like a home.  Nathan has been such a trooper putting together bookcases and hanging wall decór, not to mention all the shopping trips he has made with me!  

As I look around and see all the material goods God has provided through so many generous friends, my heart overflows with gratitude for those of you who have helped us get started in life as a newly married couple.  We are truly blessed!

This week, both Nathan and I are teaching VBS at church, and next week we are off to summer camp with the youth, so life is exceptionally busy while also being exceptionally wonderful!  

Now, I must be about my work as dishes are piled high in the sink and laundry must be washed.  Oh, and did I mention a bathroom that needs to be cleaned, thank you notes that need to be written, a weekly menu that needs to be made, a shopping list compiled, and dinner to cook? *smile*  I love my new life!

Until next time, I remain one very starry-eyed and twitter-pated bride,
Katrina Britton 


Susannah! said...

I'm glad you are happy :)
I hope you won't get too busy to post!
I want to see more pictures of the wedding!

Logan said...

Y'all are so sweet! I'm so happy for you! I know this is a stupid question....Did you stay at the Sadlers?...;)

Katrina Marie said...

Susannah, thank you for your faithful comments! No, I won't be too busy to post. I still plan on blogging as often as possible, however my posts might be a bit more spread out. We'll have to wait and see...

Logan, yes, we did stay at the Sadlers! They were so generous and gracious to allow us the use of their pool house while they went to Europe. :) It was a blast!

Lindsay said...

I've been waiting for your next post ever since you drove off as Mrs. Britton! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I'm glad you enjoyed your honeymoon and are relishing married life. Sounds like your new role is rich with blessings.

Tara said...


I cannot tell you how happy I am for you and Nathan! Enjoy every minute! It goes by so quickly. Thank you for the fun update!