Friday, November 7, 2014

A Family Hike - New Mexico Style!

Last week on Monday, our day off, we decided to take a family hike before the weather gets too chilly.  It was a glorious fall day and so enjoyable to hike a new trail!

Isaac started out walking before being promoted to Daddy's shoulders. :)

From a look-out point along the way.

Our outdoor boy.

Big horn sheep!

The view of the Rio Grande River at the end of the trail.

More big horn sheep.

Daddy and Isaac.  (Josiah was asleep in the Ergo with me.)

Isaac kept asking during the whole hike to see the "wah-er" (water), so after we finished, we stopped by the river at ground level to let him throw a few rocks in.

Beautiful trees by the river.

My three men.

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Anonymous said...

What gorgeous scenery for your hike. Looks like your little guy had a great time.