Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

951.  Milk in the fridge to pour into Isaac's eye and give him to drink when he smeared Tony C's spice mix all over his face tonight!  Poor baby...he was in such agony!

952.  For a fairly quick recovery and no apparent damage to his eyes

953.  Another beautiful sunset!

954.  A gorgeous snow-fall last weekend (the first of the year) that left our town looking like a winter wonderland!

955.  The joy of going sledding as a family

956.  Isaac's love for Josiah (even if it is demonstrated in a rather rough manner sometimes!)

957.  Josiah's adoration for his brother (when he's not being clobbered by him!)

958.  Cozy winter evenings spent together as a family

959.  Delicious, nutritious soup on a cold night

960.  Christmas music (yes, we are the kind of people who start playing it this early in the year!)

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