Friday, November 28, 2014


961.  A husband who lent his time and elbow grease toward the massive job of cleaning my oven before we cooked a Thanksgiving turkey! (My hero!)

962.  Josiah's hilarious sounding grunts

963.  Isaac's impromptu hugs to my leg while I'm preparing meals

964.  Our fun-loving friend, Lindsay, who was able to join us for Thanksgiving

965.  Laughter around the table

966.  Warm water in which to bathe my children

967.  Hot chocolate

968.  A refrigerator full of leftovers

969.  Glimmers of progress with Josiah in the sleep training department (at long last!)

970.  Black Friday deals

971.  A loving church family with whom to share life

972.  So many glorious sunsets this week!

973.  Recent snowfalls transforming our world into winter wonderlands

974.  Skype calls with family far away

975.  Isaac's problem-solving determination that makes me smile every time I see it

976.  Isaac's attempt to learn to close his eyes while praying - it's SO cute!

977.  Josiah's chunky little legs kicking away in the bathtub tonight, creating all sorts of splashes

978.  Library books to read to Isaac

979.  Music

980.  The ability and opportunity to be Wife and Mommy to these handsome fellas:

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