Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Of Hats and Shoes and Baby Coos

This is my son after he's devoured a bowl of Greek yogurt.

Charming, isn't he?

Ever since he was a small baby, Isaac has had a noticeable affinity for hats. 

When I saw this expression on his face, it reminded me so much of this one:

Striking, isn't it?

Guardian of the biscuits.

Looks like he'd rather be the taste-tester!

Life as it rolls...

Our happy Josiah, now four months old!

Such a sweet boy!

Isaac, the hat-boy, playing with Play Dough.

In addition to hats, he also really likes walking around in Mommy's and Daddy's shoes.  
Cracks me up every time!

Here he is saying, "Cheese," for the camera.

Off for a little jaunt around the house.

Josiah loves to suck/chew on his fingers!

Back to the shoes again.  Don't you love the lime green socks?

A little tummy time...

With a big smile!

A recent sunset.

One of the perks about living in New Mexico!

Bath time Beauty.

A new kind of hat!

Yes, you may call me cute!

And now for my next trick: the back arch!

This is how I found Isaac after our trip to the grocery store today.  Completely zonked in his hat!