Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Bathroom in Blue

My apologies for the delay in posts lately!  I have actually had these pictures on my camera for several weeks now, but have neglected to share them due to a lack of time.  Here, at last, is a little glimpse into one of the many projects we have been working on lately: the bathroom!

(sorry - this is the only picture I took of it then!)

After color-washing it with two shades of light blue!
Nathan says it feels like he is swimming! :)

So bright and cheery!

We also recently painted our office/nursery, although I have yet to snap any photos of that room.

Now all that remains to be painted is the master bedroom and the small mudroom at the entrance.  It's so exciting to see the end in sight!!! :)


Rachel said...

It looks great Katrina! It has improved greatly. I like the blue and white much better!
~Rachel Ann

Emily Meyer said...

Beautiful paint job! It makes your bathroom look bright and cheerful!

Susannah! said...

Pretty! Those are lovely shades of blue!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's gorgeous!! It reminds me of the sky! :D

Love y'all's taste in decorating!!

-Noelle :)