Saturday, September 22, 2012

Remembering the Wedding - Part 3

Before the Ceremony - the Bride's Side

Photo courtesy - Steve Riddell

With my lovely flower maidens

Such personality!

With my bridesmaids

Katelin Day - Sister of the Bride and Matron of Honor

Sweet times!

So much beauty in one place!

Thumbs Up - I'm Getting Married!!!

Surrounded by dear friends.

Surrounded by color!

Aren't those flowers gorgeous?

With Elizabeth Britton, Nathan's sister and best friend growing up.

With my sister again...we're such hams! :)

With Kelsie Steele, my long-time friend and kindred spirit of 11 years!

With Rhonda Kwong, my Chinese sister!

With Tara Craig, my other long-time friend, kindred spirit, and former ministry partner!

So excited to be sharing the day with these special girls!

The handsome James Loo joins the party!

He was a great Bible-bearer!

Father of the Bride

A kiss for Dad!

Blessed to be his daughter.

Mother of the Bride

After three months of hard work, we made it, Mom!

My mom and dear friend.

My wonderful parents!

On the pathway of light...

Ready to get married!


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! Thanks for posting these! ~Krista

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Anonymous said...

Oh Katrina, your dress is beautiful! Did you make it?

I'm so enjoying seeing all of these pictures from your wedding!

-Noelle :)

Susannah! said...

Your dress is beautiful!!!
Did you buy it or make it?
Looking forward to part 4!

Anonymous said...

Katrina, you are one the biggest encouragements for me. Praise the Lord from the bottom of the heart for you.