Thursday, September 20, 2012

Remembering the Wedding - Part 2

Bridesmaids' Breakfast and Getting Ready

Photo credit: Katelin Day

The morning of the wedding, my sister and I cooked breakfast for the bridesmaids and enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship with them around the dining room table before the crazy busyness of preparations began!

Time to eat!

Afterward, we all set to work on hair and makeup.  Kelly Riddell was our official assistant...

...with Mrs. Loo there to help as well!

It was a team effort! :)

We spread out throughout the kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, and bedrooms to get the job done!  I must say, I really loved getting ready with the girls right in my own home.  Although a bit crowded, it was much more personal than having everyone spread out throughout rooms at a church.

My pretty mama and me.

Opening sweet gifts from my bridesmaids.


Susannah! said...

Can't wait for Part 3!!!

Sarah said...

It looks like so much fun!
I love how you did your hair!
It's so pretty!