Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Remembering the Wedding - Part 1

At long last, not only do I have pictures from our wedding weekend now on my computer, but I also have the time to organize them (there are only 1,000 to go through) and share them!  Since today marks our four-month anniversary, I thought it would be a good day to start a series of posts remembering that most wonderful weekend!

Photo credit: Steve Riddell

The Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Flower maidens Elizabeth and Gracie start the procession!

James, the Bible bearer, gets ready to walk down the aisle.

Here come the best man and matron of honor!

Flower maiden, Kate, lights up the room with her smile!

Bridesmaids and wedding coordinator in place.

Here comes the bride!

Practicing the hand-off.

Flower maiden Joy Elizabeth

Flower maiden Cecilia, a young lady I had the privilege of discipling for many years through the American Chinese Fellowship.

The bridesmaids' song was one of my favorite parts of the ceremony!

Another sweet friend and flower maiden.

Such a lovely smile!

Nathan and I practicing our duet.

Katrina with the bridesmaids!  How I love these girls!
L-R: Rhonda Kwong, Kelsie Steele, Me, Tara Craig, Elizabeth Britton, Katelin Day

Flower maidens unite!  They made the wedding so special!

Time to eat!

Before, during, and after dinner, everyone shared how they knew the bride and groom as well as humorous stories, poems, songs, memories, and special times.  It was an extremely touching evening!

Brittany at the microphone.

The Jameson girls singing the preposition song I taught them years ago in a writing class.

Such fun memories!

Mr. Hebert, the man who started it all playing match-maker between us!
It was an honor to have him sing at the wedding.

Soaking in the evening.

With my dear friend and bridesmaid, Tara!

It was an evening to be remembered forever!

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