Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Remembering the Wedding - Part 5

Pre-Wedding Pictures - The Groom's Side

Photo courtesy - Steve Riddell

Look at all that handsome-ness!

With the little guys: James Loo (Bible-bearer) and Caleb Britton (Ring-bearer)

Nathan and his dad, who also officiated the ceremony

Nathan and his mom

Three Happy Brittons

The Groom and His Groomsmen
L-R: Joel Britton, Ben Britton, Matthew Dickey, Nathan, Stephen Neidow, Michael Dickey

All the guys in the wedding party.

Taking a little stroll...

Time to get married!

His ring...

...her ring!

Nathan with our wonderful ushers!

L-R: Noah Britton, Diondre Britton, Jim Loo, Nathan, Patrick Dudenhofer, John Loo, Mark Loo

Nathan and all the guys.

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Susannah! said...

Great pictures! I love the ones with the rings!