Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bowling - The Last Hurrah!

Yesterday it was great fun (read: wild, crazy, chaotic fun) to take the children bowling as our final hurrah together before I depart for home on Monday. They have only been bowling one other time last year, so getting to do something like this was a special treat for them. Thanks to the generosity of the owner of the bowling alley (a fellow American and director of another local orphanage) our first round of games were completely free of charge and a second game was sponsored by a monetary gift from dear friends far away. God is so good!

Teaching Mr. E how to bowl.

Getting the hang of it...

My buddy! I'm going to miss this guy.

Alexis and Savannah adding life to the party!

Mr. E - our drama king

Love this kid!

Happy smiles

Chelsey gets in some snuggles with B

The bowling line-up

Will it be a strike?

Little spectators waiting their turn...

"Okay, B, now it's your turn!"

Pausing from his karate dance moves to strike an angelic pose.
(I told you he was our drama king!)

The flying helicopter.

Little D on the attack!

Love 'n hugs.

Hurray for bowling fun!

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