Friday, December 9, 2011

Continuing Thankful

December 4, 2011

382. Good books to read

383. A washing machine for doing laundry

384. Butterfly kisses

385. Hearing Little A´s "de nada" parroted

386. Little K´s wrinkle nose facial expressions when swinging at the park

387. J.K.´s desire for three helpings of "China rice" (fried rice)

388. Turkey placemats

389. Healing from my eye infection

390. An accident-free potty-training day

391. Answered prayer about Papa´s surgery

December 9, 2011

392. J.K.´s ability to overcome his fears of the dark and put dirty laundry in the hamper in a dark bathroom by himself

393. J.K.´s volunteery bear hug and declaration of love for me

394. Little K´s parroted phrase "wuv oo" when I left on Wednesday night

395. A wonderful month spent at House 3

396. Enthusiastic greetings from the children back at House 2 when I arrived "home"

397. That the blue bag robbed from me by the taxi driver didn´t have anything terribly valuable or irreplaceable in it

398. A good night´s sleep in my bed again

399. Much needed quiet time spent with the Lord

400. Packages received from home and the yumminess of Cheeze Its!

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