Friday, December 2, 2011

A Time for Sprinkles

Yesterday, we decorated cookies.

Those delicious, soft sugar cookies that I only bake on rare occasions throughout the year.

For my artsy children, it was pure delight to spread colored icing and sprinkle rainbows.

I wanted to give them not only a productive activity on a cloudy afternoon, but also teach them about serving others. So, we decorated cookies with a purpose; to give as a gift to the children of House 2 where our visitor, M, lives with a dozen other energetic little people. We also made up a small platter for the office staff of Casa de Amor.
After they decorated all the cookies, I let them decorate their own from the broken pieces we had collected. While it was hard for them to wait to sample the yumminess, they did a great job staying faithful to the task at hand for the joy of giving to others first.

After an afternoon's work, we enjoyed an evening of play.

The happy tía and her boys.


Jennifer T. said...

I expected there would be a blog post about those yummy cookies you left us this morning!! :) What cute cookie-makers indeed. And thanks for thinking of us in the office! :)

Susannah! said...

Those look delicious!