Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Of Crayons and Shoes

The other morning, as the children were doing various table time activities, I quietly snuck my camera in front of Little K to catch her hilarious actions on record for your enjoyment! This is what she found amusing after coloring had grown old!
She never ceases to make me laugh!

Meanwhile Miss C found it interesting to group all her crayons by color. She has only recently learned most of her colors and loves to ask or tell me all day long what color various obejects are. Here she is sharing her knowledge with the world!

Look at me! I am such a big girl! I can color in my highchair now!

But sometimes playing with the crayon bag is much more interesting.

Could I please play with your computer instead?

The pile of shoes by the front door was discovered a short time later and Miss C enjoyed putting her shoes and Little J's shoes on the twins, which they too found very fun!

Here, this one is for you.

Going for a a little stroll...


Ruth said...

so precious!

Krista K. said...

Oh my! They are sooo so cute!! I just love their smiles! ~Krista

Susannah! said...

I love watching your videos!
They are adorable!!!