Thursday, December 22, 2011

Staff Christmas Party

Yesterday, all of the staff and volunteers from Casa de Amor gathered together for a delicious lunch at a beautiful hotel to celebrate Christmas and honor the hard work of these dedicated people. It was a most fun affair!

I didn't even know a cottage-style hotel with such charm and rustic, country beauty existed in Cochabamba, but it was only a short drive from our homes.

Here are a number of us as we waited for the rest of our party to arrive.

There were several little cozy nooks tucked throughout the first and second floor.

Here we are all together enjoying a scrumptious lunch buffet!

These are all the precious Bolivian women who serve as tías (aunties) to the children in our homes.

Jennifer Thompson, the founder and director, is pictured in the middle.

House 1 Staff

House 2 Staff (whom I am privileged to work with on a regular basis)

House 3 Staff (they insisted I join the picture considering that I lived at House 3 for a month caring for the children there!)

The Volunteers (look, it's not just me anymore!)


Christy said...

Katrina! Look how long your hair is! I love it! Can't wait to see you soon!

Sarah said...

Merry Christmas Katrina!

Katrina Marie said...

Aww...thanks Christy! You're sweet! I am trying to grow my hair out again after getting it cut really short about two and half years ago. It's taking awhile, but finally getting there! ;) I am looking forward to seeing you soon, too! Only one and half weeks to go and then I am HOME!

Sarah - Merry Christmas to you, too!

Susannah! said...

That looks nice and fun!
It's a beautiful hotel!
Merry Christmas Katrina!!