Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Walk In the Park

On Sunday night, I finally remembered to bring my camera along when I took the children to one of the nearby parks that is so enjoyable to visit - especially on the weekends when it is so full of people and activity! This movie clip and the following pictures provide a little taste of Bolivian culture that is unique and fun.

Big slides the boys enjoy.

Whee! Here comes J.K.!

Crowded as usual.

A cotton-candy vendor.

Miss C's classic "smile for the picture" face. :)

Fascinated by all that's going on.

Pretty flowers.

Yes, that would be a tent set up...maybe for an afternoon break from the sun?

No, it's not the Bolivian version of Disney-Land. Just a couple of guys wanting to make some money by offering to snap your picture with the tiger.

Jumping on a moonwalk is an option (as well as jumping on a big trampoline, riding a train, riding a horse, and painting pictures - all for a handful of change).

The boys enjoyed the moonwalk experience!

Lots of food vendors all around, making for lots of delicious smells!

My "triplets" as so many think they are!

Trying for a photo-shoot!

Love that expression!

And that one!

Beautiful sunset and a very neat looking cloud.

Onward to the other side of the park!

Free of the stroller at last!

Another classic Miss C photo face. Gotta love it!

So happy to be on the slide!


She took a spill and needed some lovin'. This special moment called for a photo!

With the boys at sunset.


Sarah said...

That park is really pretty!
I really enjoyed watching the videos!

Ruth said...

beautiful park, and those kids are adorable!

Jennifer said...

Oh I really enjoyed watching those vidios Katrina! Thanks!

Susannah! said...

Oh sorry Katrina I forgot my Mom was signed into this computer, I wrote the last comment by Jennifer.